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SoC NPC Sheet - Shang Zhang by Kenton-Alkemi SoC NPC Sheet - Shang Zhang by Kenton-Alkemi

Name: Morgan
Real Name: Shang Zhang 商長
Style Name: Xuan Yu 眩鈺 (For more on style names --> )
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'
Job: Merchant/Mage
Faction: Earthra
Family Members: Meredith/Shang Hua (oldest son), Leslie/Shang Zhi (youngest son), Xiu Wen (bodyguard), Xiu Bi (bodyguard) Seamus/Xiu Jin (bodyguard), Chen Yi (Meredith's servant)
Theme Songs: Scrolls, Epic Man, Capricious Wind

Shang Zhang specializes in using Metal magic.

Metal Magic
:bulletyellow: He has mastered the art of wielding flying twin swords. Both can be controlled with a single hand, but using both hands allows for more precise movements.
:bulletyellow: He can also manipulate metallic objects in the same way. Multiple objects totalling up to 35 pounds can be controlled at the same time. Good for counting coins or writing multiple copies of notes.

Other Notes
:bulletblack: Xiu Wen and Xiu Bi are Shang Zhang's personal bodyguards—any assailants will have to go through them first. They can't use magic, but both are experienced sword fighters and will often coordinate their attacks.
:bulletblack: He has several servants at his disposal to handle everything from business matters to getting the useless son out of trouble. One of his trusted advisers, Chen Yi, was sent to accompany Meredith to the Earthran capital and still serves as their go-between.
:bulletblack: He knows how to ride and care for horses, but doesn't have much time for that nowadays.

The Shang family have been merchants ever since they could remember, stocking food and medicinal supplies for the local villages around Amahara. The young Shang Zhang was determined to continue the family tradition and learned everything he could from his father. When it was his turn to take charge, he expanded their trade routes to the Capital and its surrounding areas.

Oftentimes he ventured beyond the outskirts of Earthran territory in search of specialty goods and artifacts for the store. On one of those journeys, he encountered the Xiu family and helped them out of a spot of trouble. In return for saving their lives, they pledged to serve the Shang household and were adopted as part of the family. The husband and wife team Xiu Wen and Xiu Bi became Zhang's personal bodyguards, while their sons Xiu Jin, Xiu Fu, and Xiu Meng looked after the young masters.

Then came a streak of bad luck. His wife was suddenly bedridden with an unknown illness and he had to cease his travels. Business slowly declined in the years that followed, only worsening with the wars caused by the reappearance of Caelius and Ares. He had no choice but to send his eldest son Meredith to assist the Earthran army in bringing a swift end to the fighting. Meanwhile, he is desperately trying to train the useless son, Leslie, to assume Meredith's responsibilites at home.

Though he chose Morgan as his Western name, he still prefers to go by his given name.

Strong-willed, decisive, and determined, Shang Zhang is the one person in the household you don't want to mess with. He keeps his emporium in check with a firm, but reasonable set of rules. It is very difficult to sway his opinion once he has made up his mind about something.

As patriarch, he is in charge of all family and business matters. He trusts Meredith to handle his share of the work, but Shang Zhang still has the final say in everything. On the other side, he is wary of the useless son and closely monitors all his actions.

However, he has been a little unhinged ever since his wife took ill, the most visible side effects being hastier decision making and stricter discipline concerning his sons.

Family > Work > Friends > Everything else > Fighting

-Turning a profit

-Things not going his way
-People who disobey orders
Ishrie Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
your family of dudes with lady names makes me so happy
Kenton-Alkemi Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Makes me wonder what the wife/mother's name is. (I haven't decided yet)
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